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Abraham Lincoln: Addressing a Nation

ISBN: 9781493838059
Item: 25805

This fascinating biography focuses on "The Great Emancipator," the president who helped abolish slavery. With Abraham Lincoln: Addressing a Nation, students will examine the life of the sixteenth president of the United States, from his early days in a log cabin in Kentucky to his prolific political career. Breathe life into the pages of history with primary source documents that offer significant clues on what life might have been like for Abraham Lincoln in the 1800s.

  • Students will build content knowledge across geography, history, and other social studies strands
  • Content can be leveled for a variety of learning styles, as well as below-level, above-level, and English language learners
  • This reader contains text features, including captions, bold print, glossary, and index to increase comprehension and academic vocabulary
  • A "Your Turn!" activity continues to challenge students as they extend their learning
  • This text aligns to state standards and readies students for college and career readiness

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