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Literary Text Grade 1 Readers Set 1 10-Book Set

ISBN: 9781480716599
Item: 19659

Spend some time with the animals at safari camp or try to figure out why Boris the bassett is so grumpy. The fiction titles in this 10-book collection with encourage young children to use their imagination with engaging stories that are filled with high-interest text, vibrant illustration and images, age-appropriate text features, and increasingly complex vocabulary. The titles in this collection include:

  • This Is My Story by Fredrick G. Frog
  • Duck Pond Fun
  • Anna Goes to Zambia
  • How to Be a Kitten
  • Boris the Bassett
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • Across the Sea
  • Safari Camp
  • Maya Monkey
  • When I Grow Up

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