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TIME FOR KIDS® Informational Text Grade 4 Spanish Set 1 10-Book Set

ISBN: 9781433373848
Item: 18384

Make discovery fun with these inspiring books translated into Spanish! Each book features engaging layouts, TIME FOR KIDS® content, high-interest photographs, informational text, vocabulary, and sidebars. Aligned to Common Core State Standards, the titles in this 10-book collection include:

  • ¡Supervivencia! Desierto (Survival! Desert)
  • Insectos constructores (Bug Builders)
  • En el juego: La vida de un atleta (In the Game: An Athlete's Life)
  • ¡Sin resolver! Casos misteriosos (Unsolved! Mysterious Events)
  • ¡Desafiando la gravedad! Escalada en roca (Defying Gravity! Rock Climbing)
  • Hablemos claro: La verdad sobre la comida (Straight Talk: The Truth About Food)
  • Increíble pero real: Anatomía gruesa (Strange but True: Gross Anatomy)
  • Helen Keller: Una nueva visión (Helen Keller: A New Vision)
  • Una mano al corazón: Mejorando las comunidades (Hand to heart: Improving Communities)
  • Tecnologiá: Hazañas y fracasos (Technology: Feats and Failures)

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